Keep cool or stay warm with a Split system air conditioner

Split system air conditioners are made to cool individual rooms. These rooms can include for example living rooms, bedrooms, granny flats, apartments and even offices. Split system air conditioners are a greater cost-effective option for cooling individual rooms than a full reverse cycle ducted system.

Most split system air conditioners incorporate a reverse cycle setting keeping you cool in the hotter months and keeping you warm in the cooler months. Split system air conditioners are commonly used because of their look, ease of install/removal and their quiet operation. Split system air conditioners can come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the room size.

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How does a Split System work?

Split system air conditioners are different to conventional ducted system. No ductwork is needed thus limiting the time needed to install a system. A typical system has and indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser). The indoor unit is wall mounted and the outdoor unit can either be floor mounted or mounted on wall. In hotter months when cooling is required the inside unit absorbs the heat and expels through the outside unit. In the cooler months the heat from the outside condenser motor is used to warm the indoor area.

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What size Split System would I need?

To find the size of the Split system air conditioner you’ll need for your room a simple calculation is done to find the area of your room. By measuring the length and multiply it by the width you’ll get the square meters of the room. Once square meters are known a general formula is then calculated:

(m ²) x 150watts = Split system needed
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Does size matter?

Yes, size dies matter. However, it doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. An oversized air con will result in short-cycling, causing the unit to turn on and off frequently to reach the required temperature. You could end up with a split system with a higher power consumption.

This will result in:
  • Uneven temperatures (too cold / too hot)
  • The air conditioner will begin to short cycle
  • Increased humidity levels, as the system will only run for a few minutes
  • High power consumption (increase in running cost)
  • More wear and tear on the unit creating shorter lifespan of the unit

On the other hand, a small unit will fail to cool the space properly and will never stop running.

This will result in:
  • More frequent overheating
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Failing to cool the space properly, causing it to run all the time
  • Increased dehumidification due to constant running
  • More wear and tear due to continuous running
  • High power consumption

So, by choosing the correct size Split system it will have a drastic effect on the unit’s lifespan.

The split system required to cool/heat a room in Perth, WA

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